Paper Submission

Paper should be in the format strictly specified on the conference website. Only the selected papers will get the intimation who will be accepted for publication. Kindly do not submit the paper multiple times, it may lead to cancellation of an article/paper.

Click here to download the paper format
Submit your Article/Review/Research Paper to

Poster Presentation

Please print the poster of following specification:

  • A1 size  means 24 Inches X 36 Inches
  • Portrait Orientation
  • on light weight paper 
  • Make the poster with more figures, plots, graphs, tables to make it attractive
  • Kindly try to avoid excessive theory

and bring the printed poster at the time of the registration to the conference venue

POSTER Printing Facility (Optional)

We can print the Colored POSTER for you of A1 Size sheet of light Material with additional charges of USD 50 each poster of A1 Size and that will be provided at the time of the conference. In that case, you need to email the matter of the POSTER to the conference secretary. 

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